A Bibliography
Materials Relevant to the Ministry, Lay-Preaching, and Christian Day School Teachers
in the
Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Synod
Its Descendant Synod.

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 1927 The Doctrinal Position of the Norwegian Synod: A Brief Survey of the Position in Doctrine and Practice Held by the Old Norwegian Synod Prior to the Merger of 1917, Extracts from the Synodical Address Submitted to the Annual Convention of the Norwegian Synod of the American Evangelical Lutheran Church at Lime Creek, Iowa, 1927.  A pamphlet translated from Norwegian.

  [A strong testimony that the Doctrinal Position of the Old Synod is the foundation for the New Synod after the Merger of 1917 and should continue to be the foundation for the future. "[T]he essential feature of a church body is surely not its outward organization, its educational and charitable institutions and buildings of stone and wood. It must rather consist in its confession of faith, the dominating principles governing doctrine and practice, and the spirit in which all its work is carried on. It is in this latter sense that we claim to be the logical successors to the old Norwegian Synod. Though a tree may be shattered and broken by the raging storm, yet the tender sprouts that shoot forth from the ruined trunk are a continuation of the old tree, because they are nourished and grow from the old roots. If the outward organization were a deciding factor, we could not as Lutherans speak at all of the continuity of the church. Luther was forced to secede from the outward organization of the church of his time. This was the only way in which he could restore the connection with the true apostolic church." (5)
     His purpose in this document is to demonstrate that the New Synod is in fact the doctrinal heir of the Old Synod. Lay preaching is discussed on p. 12. "The local church is a divine institution. God has entrusted to it the office of the keys, which functions through the preaching of the Word and the administering of the sacraments." And "Only in cases of special need are others then (sic for "than") properly tried and appointed teachers warranted in preaching the word of God publicly; and even in such instances those who are ministered to should extend a call to these workers, if they are at all capable of doing it. This position of the Synod does not militate against the Scriptural doctrine of the spiritual priesthood of all believers. This spiritual priesthood may and ought to function to its fullest extent without conflicting with the divinely instituted office of the ministry." (12-13).
   Regarding Synodical Authority this official document of Synodical Doctrine states:
  "Synod has no right to dictate policies or rule over congregations. The following quotation from President Preus' synodical address for the year 1865 shows how carefully our fathers sought to protect the rights of the local congregations: 'The congregations joining to form a church body, and adopting a constitution, should be very guarding indeed, in freely relinquishing, in part, their liberty and independence, doing so out of kindly solicitude for their own and the common welfare, lest they delegate to the Synod or general body any rights and powers which the Lord solely has entrusted the the congregations themselves, and which, when exercised by them, offer the best guarantee as to the preservation of the true faith. To such rights and powers belong, for instance, the appointment and dismissal of teachers, exercise of church discipline, the adoption of hymnals and textbooks for the schools. Much less ought the congregations assign to the general church body or its officers any power and authority by virtue of which their resolutions --even when not in conflict with God's word--could be construed as laws binding upon the congregations by virtue of divine authority, vested in them as superiors according to the fourth commandment. Such concession on the part of the congregations would make of the synod a papacy which might become just as anti-Christian as that of Rome. It would place a yoke upon them much more intolerable and more difficult to remove than that which state churches impose on their congregations.' Among the Norwegian Lutheran church bodies, the Synod alone held this position. "(14, italics original)
   Well, that's fairly clear. Where are we or our fellowshipped bodies with regard to this Official Position of our Synod?]

Buszin, P.T.
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Harstad, Bjug
 1928 Pioneer Days and other events briefly sketched for the 75th Anniversary of the Synod for the Norwegian Evang. Lutheran Church of America. Bethany College, Mankato, Minnesota.

  [This is a testimony to the fact that the doctrinal foundation laid by the Old Synod had been the essential base upon which the Lime Creek Fathers had removed themselves from the Merger of 1917. Bjug has essential summary material of the doctrines at issue then. Topics include "Elling Eielson and His Work" (9-10), "Elling Eielson's Peculiar Singleness of Purpose." (10-12), "How Did Our First Ministers Stand to Eielson and Friends?" (12-14), "Our Ministers Acknowledged Their Faults and Errors and Corrected Them." (15-18), "Organization of The Northern Illinois Synod and The Scandinavian Ev. Luth. Augustana Synod." (18-23), "Two Different Schools of Haugeanism." (23-26), "Lay Men's Preaching." (31-33). ]

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 [Original article "De rette Principer for Kirkens Styrelse." Found on pages 48-76 of Samlede Skrifter af Dr. thol. U. Koren. Volume 2, Selected and edited by Paul Koren, Lutheran Publishinghouse Bogtrykkeri, Decora, Iowa, 1911. ]

Lillegard, George O.
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  [Note especially Lillegard?s objection to the Merger Synods? 5th point in their restatement of this doctrine, pages 140f]

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[Citation does not make sense unless the supplement has its own page numbering.]

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  [Mark DeGarmeaux is currently working on a translation of this document. It appears that Lillegard 1943 lifted a large portion of Ylvisaker's article verbatim.]